Why Narconon Specializes in Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine is considered a Schedule II Drug; it is a central nervous system stimulant.  Methamphetamine is a chemical drug made in labs, some of these labs are high tech and used for making prescription meth, other illegal labs are run in abandon buildings or even in the back of pick-up trucks known as “rolling labs”.

Effects of Methamphetamine

Meth can be eaten, snorted or smoked and easily dissolves in water to be used intravenously.  Any way of use is highly potent and addictive.  The drug has been known to have users hooked their very first use.  Meth replaces your brains natural chemicals with artificial chemicals giving one an intense feeling of euphoria.  Studies have shown that meth use causes structural changes in the area of the brain associated with memory and emotions.  Meth also causes:

•         Dramatic weight loss
•         Decaying of teeth (meth mouth)
•         Delusions
•         Hallucinations
•         Paranoia

Methamphetamine use has caused users psychotic episodes, such as picking the skin until the skin is gone, seeing people behind trees or coming out of the walls.  This is such a common occurrence, user’s call these hallucinations “meth monsters”.


At this time there is no medication that can treat a person for meth addiction. Behavioral interventions such as, cognitive-behavioral therapy have been shown to be effective for ceasing meth use and preventing relapse.

Narconon Program

Narconon Arrowhead specializes in helping meth abusers overcome their addiction by using a unique process:

•         Withdrawal- Meth depletes a person’s body of vitamins leaving them feeling sluggish, sore and extremely tired.  During this time, Narconon helps a person by replenishing their body with the right vitamins.  The withdrawal staff keeps an eye on individuals 24 hours a day.  They provide individuals with light messages that are designed to help relieve a person of their body pains and exercises that are designed to help a person stay focused on being there and not on their past failures.

•         Therapeutic Training Routines Course- Meth causes a person to kind of get stuck in the past and not be aware of what is going on around them.  It also causes one to lose simple communication skills.  This part of the program focuses on teaching users how to stay in present time communicate with others and confront situations without the use of drugs.

•         New Life Detoxification- When a person uses meth, the drug metabolites actually store in the bodies fatty tissues.  These metabolites can be stored in the body for 5 years after their last use. When the user’s heart rate increases or even if they just start to sweat, these metabolites can be released back into the blood stream causing a person to want to use the drug again.  This is a reason for a person to relapse.   During this process, addicts sit in a dry sauna for 5 hours a day taking 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes.  They are required to drink up to 2 gallons of water to prevent dehydration.  During this process the user may actually feel some old effects of the drug as they are sweating them out. This process on average lasts 30 days. Once a person has completed, they feel younger.  Some have reported that their head is no longer cloudy but clear, and they feel even better than they had before they started using meth.

•         Communication and Perception Course- Meth addicts tend to go into their own shell.  They usually hide from family and loved ones embarrassed of what they have become.  This course is designed to bring a person out of that shell by regaining simple communication skills and re-learning to confront others and themselves. This course also leads a person to realize who they are and to feel good about them self again.

•          Ups and Downs of Life Course-   The associates of meth addicts are generally not the most honest or productive members of society.  They tend to bring a person down and keep them trapped in the same low-life they are in.  This course basically teaches users how to identify good people versus evil people.  It gives them an opportunity and “know how” to break free from the people who brought them down and start associating with people who will support their drug free life and want to see them be successful.

•         Personal Values Course- Meth abusers have usually done a lot of harm to themselves and others, whether it is stealing a necklace from a loved one or robbing a bank, it leaves a person feeling guilty and ashamed.  This course teaches a person to take responsibility for their past wrong doings in unique ways to make amends with their loved ones and others. Once a person can take responsibility for their actions and be honest with themselves and others, it gives them great relief and well-being.

•         Changing Conditions in Life Course- Meth abuse causes a good person to become a person with bad intentions and cause, a lot of damage to relationships and other situations in their life like work, school, etc.  This course teaches users they can break life’s situations down into different categories and apply formulas to any situation they encounter to make that situation good for themselves and others around them.

Once a person has completed the Narconon program, their life has totally changed.  They have a sense of well-being and confidence like never before.  They no longer have anything to hide from others and they are able to communicate well.  They are more responsible and both their body and mind is clear and guilt free.  Most importantly they are able to make the right decisions in life to be successful once again.
If you or someone you know is struggling with meth or any other drug addiction call Narconon today at 800-468-6933.