What Parents Should Know About Narconon

Every year thousands of people are in need for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program. Due to the fact that the drug and alcohol addiction issue spread around the world extremely rapidly, more and more rehab centers open their door to assist people to come off drugs and enjoy a free beautiful life.   All treatment programs are different and with having so many of them, it could be difficult to find the perfect one that fits your needs.  People can spend hours looking for the right drug treatment center.  What makes it so difficult is the easy availability to thousands of treatments. What people do not realize is that some programs are not as effective as others. When in the process of looking for a treatment center people have to consider the success rate of that treatment. The type of rehabilitation center has a lot to do with the success rate.

It is a proven fact that long term inpatient addiction treatments have the most positive outcomes. People pay thousands of dollars to get their loved one in a treatment center. Most of the time, an individual has a relapse so he attends another treatment paying more money. Majority of the relapses occur because of the individual’s physical cravings for drugs. Some successful treatments do a detoxification program and clean the person’s body making him totally drug free. Having a clear body and clear mind will get rid of one’s physical cravings for the drugs. To get rid of the mental cravings, some kind of cognitive therapy, and individual counseling should be done. The treatment programs that do both are known for their best success rate.

Narconon Arrowhead is one of the largest and most successful drug rehabs available.  Narconon staff does follow-up on every graduate and over 70 percent have stayed clean and are productive members of society again.  Narconon Arrowhead is located in the back of Arrowhead State Park, and is seven miles from the highway.  Narconon has 24 hour surveillance and a 24 hour security team.  All visitors must be approved by both the student’s financier and counselors.

Narconon does not use drugs as substitute for treatment; as the most common drugs used today are extremely addictive and have many dangerous side effects.  Narconon replenishes the body with vitamins that are lost because of drug addiction.  Staff members also provide assists to help ease the pains of withdrawing from drugs.

Once the addict is safely withdrawn, the next phase of Narconon is to help remove drug residues from the body to drastically reduce physical cravings. One of the most common reasons for relapse is that drug metabolites store in the body’s fatty tissues.  These metabolites can stay in the body for years after the last use.  So when your heart rate increases or a person starts to sweat these metabolites can actually get back into the blood stream and cause a craving that’s strong enough for a person to start using again.  Narconon handles this by using dry saunas.  After being approved by a doctor, students sit in a sauna for 20 minutes then get out for 5 to 10 minutes to cool down and back in, for a few hours a day.  This process lasts from 30-45 days. This technique is used to flush the body of all drug metabolites and leaves a person feeling younger and healthier.

Now that the body is clean of all drugs, Narconon helps your loved one clear his mind.  Narconon uses special techniques that help a person better understand their environment.  Cognitive Therapy is used to help a person come out of their past, take responsibility for it and put it behind them. This is the best way to handle underlying issues that have kept a person trapped in the cycle of addiction.  A person’s condition is continually changing in all areas of their life.  Narconon shows students a way they can break down their life in different categories and use formulas to help them raise their condition.  So no matter what situation life throws at your loved one, they are able to confront it, handle it and continue being successful.

Parents can feel confident that their loved ones will come to Narconon stay in a very safe environment, and learn how to live a drug free life again.  After a person graduates the program they have cleaned their body of all unnatural chemicals.  They have dealt with their personal underlying issues.  They have taken responsibility for their past wrong doings.  They have made amends to their family.  They are now able to know the difference between people that will support their sobriety from the ones who will try to bring them down again.  They will be more confident, happy and are once again productive members of society again.

There is hope Narconon is a inpatient rehab that specializes in teaching people how to overcome their addiction and become a productive member of society once again

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