batteryAll drugs are chemical substances that are designed to interfere with the normal functions of the human body. it is important to note that these substances, whether legal or illegal, are not actually designed or able to handle the problems for which they are taken, and can only act as temporary suppressors of these problems. For an individual who is using drugs to cope with life, they can quickly find that these dangerous substances take over their life and create a long list of disturbing side effects. However, there is no doubt that some of these drug substances are far more dangerous than others, and methamphetamine most certainly falls into this category.


About Methamphetamine


Methamphetamine is a very dangerous, synthetic stimulant drug substance that can create dependency issues after a single use. It is also sometimes referred to as speed, crystal, crank, tina or ice. The entire production of methamphetamine is extremely dangerous, not only for the “cooks” themselves but indeed for everyone in the area around a meth lab. This is largely due to the fact that methamphetamine is made up of a variety of dangerous chemical substances, such as antifreeze, lantern fuel and battery acid.


Meth overdose can occur at very low levels, especially for an individual who has not yet built a tolerance to the drug. Due to the wide variances in meth production as well as the wide variances in individuals’ tolerances levels and metabolisms, there is no real “safe” level of meth use, and any individual who consumes any amount of meth is playing a very dangerous game.


Lithium Meth


There are many different methods and processes for producing methamphetamine, and each one poses its own dangers and challenges for the cooks and the consumers. One particularly dangerous process for manufacturing methamphetamine involves the use of lithium strips from batteries, as well as ether, pseudo-ephedrine and anhydrous ammonia. Needless to say, this creates a highly toxic substance that individuals are then ingesting in order to experience a stimulating high.


The effects of meth use can be immediate, if the drug is injected, or can take up to forty minutes to take effect if ingested orally. Some of the effects of meth use can include euphoria, hyperexcitability, extreme nervousness, accelerated heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, restlessness, insomnia, tooth grinding, incessant talking, tightening of blood vessels, pupil dilation, increased blood pressure and more. These effects can last anywhere from four to eight hours, sometimes longer, and normally leave the individual craving more meth. It is not unusual for an individual who is addicted to meth to binge on this drug, taking more and more meth again and again until finally they no longer experience any desirable effects at all and their body crashes.


In addition to the basic, immediate effects of meth use, many individuals also experience even more disturbing side effects, including anger, paranoia, hallucinations – including the tactile hallucination that bugs are burrowing under the skin, repetitive motor activity, changes in basic brain structure and function, memory loss, aggressive and violent behavior toward self and others, severe and sudden mood swings, extensive dental problems – also called “meth mouth”, weight loss and much more. It can happen that an individual who is addicted to meth becomes aware of how this drug is adversely affecting their health, relationships and life, and yet is unable to disconnect from use of this drug due to a strong psychological dependency.

In most states, pharmacies are required to limit the amount of pseudo-ephedrine that individuals can purchase in an effort to help reduce the possibility of meth production. With the introduction of lithium battery use for meth production, it follows that limitations on the sale of this item may also need to occur. However, it is very important to bear in mind that preventative measures are most effective when they entirely prevent meth use from occurring in the first place – primarily through educating individuals in the truth about this drug and its dangerous and disturbing effects on the mind and body