methMeth, being one of the most powerfully addictive street drugs, is just as dangerously underestimated among the common party scene. Yet all over the Internet you can find a multitude of horror stories from all walks of life which have revealed just how far a meth-addiction could go to ruin a life. The line between recreational and all-consuming is a fine one when it comes to this particular narcotic. Using meth for even just one time has been known in some cases to trigger a lifetime of agony and sorrow, unsuspecting to the user. This is something, which isn’t generally promoted, but if you dig just a tad beyond the surface the facts aren’t very difficult to find.

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Meth

1. Meth withdrawal is an extremely painful and difficult process. Therefore 93% of users in traditional treatment return to abusing the drug.

2. Meth acts as a stimulant to the nervous system, disrupting the natural production of dopamine in the brain and therefore resulting in brain damage. Stimulants like cocaine also disrupt natural production of dopamine, yet will allow the brain to re-capture dopamine. Meth, in contrast, will cause the brain receptor cells to respond by releasing an enzyme that destroys extra dopamine. You can see why over time this could cause marked damage to the brain.

3. Meth tends to cause hallucinations of a paranoid nature, this is known as “tweaking”. This hallucinatory paranoia can result in homicidal as well as suicidal thoughts. People have reported getting so paranoid that they were convinced the FBI was watching and following them, or that the cops were in their house locking them into handcuffs.

4. Meth is a synthetic drug made with ingredients extracted from pills for cold remedies along with a combination of chemicals varying anywhere from battery acid to drain cleaner. As you can see there is a deadly (or at the very least extremely dangerous) combination here of meth cooks disoriented during preparation due to being high on meth with the manmade drug involving likely explosive chemicals for ingredients. This has often lead meth cooks/users to getting severely burned and disfigured, sometimes killed. This is compounded by the fact that for every one pound of meth production there’s a toxic five pounds of waste leftover, which will poison any unfortunate person that accidentally gets exposed to it.

5. A meth hangover would make even your most dreadful alcohol hangover look like a joke. After crashing, the user will be starved, extremely exhausted, very dehydrated, sick, weakened, achy and experiencing headaches. The kicker is that this ordinarily lasts from two to fourteen days which goes to show the probability rate of getting addicted.

Spreading the Word on the Dangers of Meth

I will conclude this by saying that unless you’ve stopped to pause, rewind then memorize every time a scientific tidbit was revealed on an episode of Breaking Bad, these facts aren’t necessarily widely distributed in order to caution potential users exactly what their getting themselves into. Spreading the word on the above information regarding meth in a society so unfortunately ignorant to the truth can halt a user in their tracks from mere shock of these ugly but nonetheless very real facts.