The Exact Steps to Get a Meth Addict Help

meth use dangersThe reality of methamphetamine addiction is that both addicts and their families have unique needs when it comes to drug treatment.  Because of the nature of the drug and its use meth addicts who enter a treatment center can be malnourished, have medical illnesses, paranoia, depression, irritability, and may be psychotic.  On top of that many meth addicts show up at rehab after staying up for days and can be in a state of confusion.  They have impaired function including their ability to make decisions, process information, and regulate and express their emotions.

Drug addicts experience withdrawal symptoms related to their specific drug of choice, and meth addicts typically experience intense cravings to use more of the drug, along with physical and emotional discomfort.  In light of all of the different obstacles pertaining to meth addiction and treatment, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) has released a detailed report outlining the best treatment strategies for methamphetamine addicts.

Best Treatment Strategies for Methamphetamine Addiction

The DPHHS report looks at meth addiction specifically and outlines the steps necessary to obtain abstinence and remain clean from the drug.  Based on available literature the committee says that the ideal treatment process is as follows:

1. A treatment initiation phase – Meth users don’t use the drug to alleviate withdrawal symptoms which is common with other drugs.  A meth abuser is in severe mental turmoil and experience and inability to experience pleasure without the drug.  They live a life that cycles between euphoria and depression, and experience intense cravings that they believe can only be alleviated by using more meth.  For these reasons drug treatment centers need to take considerations to help alleviate these issues during the detoxification process.

2. An abstinence attainment phase – Meth addicts may continue to experience withdrawal symptoms for 90-120 days after they stop using the drug.  If these symptoms are not addressed they can lead to relapse and prevent long-term abstinence.  Treatment providers need to constantly evaluate the addict and address any withdrawal symptoms directly.

3. A maintenance phase – While relapse is not necessarily a sign of treatment failure, it can be the set back that causes the user to give up on abstinence entirely.  The major focus of the maintenance phase of meth addiction treatment is relapse prevention skill building.  This includes learning to cope with cravings, coping with real life problem solving, and how to implement a strategy to prevent a full-blown relapse if use should occur.

When looking for a rehab center addicts and families should research facilities that have a comprehensive treatment program which addresses all three of these phases.  The Narconon drug treatment program is one such program that has been helping methamphetamine addicts beat their addiction for over 40 years.

Narconon utilizes a comprehensive drug-free withdrawal process designed to get the addict through the initial symptoms of withdrawal and ensures that the addict is ready to progress through their treatment.  They also use a sauna detoxification program that has shown to drastically reduce cravings in meth users, and a series of life skills courses that prepare the addict to live a drug-free life.

Narconon’s Success Treating Addiction 

For the past decade the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) has advocated for treatment centers to adopt outcome monitoring surveys to better assess their effectiveness.  Narconon has been following this advice and has recently released the results of their findings.  By administering surveys to recent program graduates which were developed by independent research scientists, Narconon can provide a detailed account of their clients’ success in remaining clean after treatment.  The full details which show that Narconon has an average success rate of 70% are available in this detailed press release.