personEvery example of drug abuse has to start somewhere. No one wakes up to find that they have magically become a drug addict overnight. Instead, drug abuse usually begins as the answer to very common and very human feelings. One of these can be simple curiosity. Someone has heard about a drug and wants to know what it is like, so he tries it. In other situations, drug use could seem to be the solution to a problem. For example, a person has chronic back problems, so he starts to abuse a family members pain pills.

However it starts, drug addiction passes through several stages. As meth is one of the most powerful and most dangerous drugs known to man, it is important to know what the stages of abuse are and what they look like. When you’re prepared by being educated, you can prevent meth from harming you and the people you care about.

For starters, you should know that the use of meth in the United States is centered in rural areas, probably because it is easier to cook when the population is less dense. This gives people in rural areas better access to the drug than someone living in the city. The ingredients for meth can be bought in most grocery stores, but the mixing and cooking of the chemicals is dangerous. Cooking locations (known as meth labs) become toxic waste areas that are dangerous for anyone to inhabit.

In order to be even more aware of the dangers of meth, here are the five stages of meth abuse.

1. Interest or Curiosity

The first stage of anyone abusing meth is to first get interested in it or to have the idea to use it in the first place. Anyone that uses meth has someone that introduced him to it or somewhere that it came from. The person may have simply heard that it was an awesome drug, or he might be looking for something cheaper than other drugs that he is using. Whatever the reason, the curiosity to use it comes first.

2. Initial Trials

After having a reason to use the drug, a person’s first experiments with meth come next. A user may try out the drug and think that it’s incredible (it does create a euphoric high, after all), so he’ll want to try it again. Some people are overwhelmed by the drug so they decide not to use it again. Most users agree, however – the drug can get you hooked quickly.

3. Repeated use and dependence

As the user tries meth again and again, he starts to become dependent on it. He’s always thinking about it and wanting to try it again. He feels good when he’s on it and really strange when he isn’t. The chance of becoming an addict at this point is extremely high.

4. Addiction

When a meth user literally can’t live without the drug any longer, he is an addict. He will think about meth constantly and devote a large portion of his time and money to getting more. He won’t be able to go very long without having to use the drug again. At this point, his life revolves around meth.

5. Deterioration of Life Quality

It doesn’t matter who you are: once you become addicted to meth, your quality of life deteriorates. You physically and mentally fall apart. There are no “high functioning” meth addicts. It is one of the scariest drugs in the world because it is so powerful, so addictive, and so destructive. Do you want to try something that can tear a life apart?