While all drug use can be harmful to the individual there is no doubt that some drugs, and some ways of taking drugs, can be more harmful than others.  Methamphetamine is considered one of the more dangerous and damaging drugs for a human body, especially when taken by injection.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant drug the works to activate certain systems in the brain.  It is usually white or slightly yellow, and can be a powdered substance or large, rock-like chunks.  Methamphetamine users can smoke, inject or snort the drug, with the former two options often producing the fastest results.

After smoking or injecting methamphetamine, the user experiences an intense sensation, called a rush, that lasts a few minutes and is often described as highly pleasurable.  Snorting or swallowing methamphetamine results in a euphoric high, and is desirable but apparently not as pleasurable as the rush obtained from smoking or injecting the drug.

When the initial rush subsides, the individual often feels an intense state of agitation which can lead to violent behavior in some.  Some of the other immediate effects users may feel include insomnia, decrease in appetite, irritability, aggression, anxiety, nervousness, convulsions and even heart attack.  Long term use of methamphetamine results in a physical tolerance of the drug that requires the user take increased doses in order to get high.

Oftentimes methamphetamine addicts will ignore the need to eat or sleep and will inject themselves with meth every few hours for days, until they either run out of the drug or become too intoxicated to continue taking more.  Methamphetamine users can become paranoid and suffer from hallucinations, repetitive behavior, and delusions of insects crawling under their skin which causes them to obsessively scratch their skin.  Some methamphetamine users can experience psychosis, violent or aggressive behavior and long-term use can lead to strokes or even death.

While many methamphetamine users are trapped firmly in their addiction, there may be a few methamphetamine users who can see through the haze of their addiction and hope for a way to get clean.

Getting Clean Through Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

Prior to his treatment at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, Chris had been an intravenous methamphetamine user for seven years.  He had participated in treatment programs at nine rehabilitation facilities without lasting effect or result, but still he felt there must be some way he could truly get clean.

When Chris enrolled in the Narconon program he found the tools he needed to fully address and resolve his addiction.  Through a drug-free withdrawal program and a sauna detoxification program, Chris was able to fully rid himself of all residual methamphetamine toxins and finally experience relief from overpowering cravings.  With the life skills courses, Chris learned the skills he would need to move forward into a drug-free life and resolve any problems he encountered in his future.

Chris graduated from the Narconon program and has now been sober and clean for over seven years.  While he had lost his job due to drug use, Chris now works two jobs.  He has purchased a home of his own and restored a healthy relationship with his family.  In fact, if you were to speak with his family they would gladly elaborate on the happiness they all feel about the fact that Chris is now a healthy, productive member of society.

Chris is grateful for the fact that his family found the Narconon program, and that it worked for him.  His life has completely changed now that his mental and physical addictions are entirely handled and his mind and body are healed in ways that he never even knew were possible.   None of the other treatment facilities Chris attended were anything like Narconon, and it was Narconon that helped him return to the life, happiness and family he now has.