Parents Discuss Their Son’s Meth Addiction and Recovery Through Narconon Arrowhead

meth use dangersLinda and Lyman stood by and watched as their son battled a methamphetamine addiction for 10 years.  By the age of 32 he wanted to stop but wasn’t able to on his own.  He finally decided to go to a 28 day program and when he got out things seemed to be better.  He managed land a job and to stay clean for 6 months, but at around that time his parents noticed changes in his personality and knew he was starting to use again.  This time around things got much worse as he lost his job and ended up living on the streets.  Meth took him to his lowest point and things seemed hopeless.

Linda says, “I cannot tell you how many nights I cried and prayed, all the time while trying to keep it our ‘family secret’, because I no longer wanted to go to the gym, or spend time with our friends.  I just went to work and went home. I told my husband that in my mind I was preparing myself for our son’s funeral.”  Linda says the most heart breaking thing was to know that the kind, fun-loving, Christian son she had raised was now gone, he was not the same person when he was addicted to meth.

In time Linda knew she had to do something even if it meant revealing their dreaded “family secret”.  Despite what others might think she had to do something to help her son, who was now living on the streets selling meth.  The couple decided to meet with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the county’s District Attorney to have their son picked up in hopes that it might help.  Much to their surprise neither office were able to do anything, and offered little in the way of suggestions on what the parents could do.

Finding Narconon for Meth Addiction Treatment

Linda decided to research treatment facilities online and came across a successful program nearby in Oklahoma called Narconon Arrowhead.  She called the center and spoke with an intake counselor who said Narconon could help.  She says the counselor stayed in contact with her for 5 weeks until she finally got her son’s agreement to go.

When he first went to Narconon Linda says that her son told her he was only doing the program for her.  She says he would call and ask to come home leaving her with no option but to tell him to stick with it and hang up on him.  The family counselor worked with Linda and encouraged her to stay strong and to not give in.  The staff at the center worked with her son and encouraged him to stay, and in the following months the couple says they could tell they were seeing signs of their “old son” again.

Their son went on to complete the program, deciding along the way to work the program for himself and get all he could out of it.  After completion he decided to train for a job at the facility, so that he could help others who were struggling with addiction.

Linda says that she knows that her son never wanted to be a drug addict, and is grateful that the family never gave up on him.  She says he tells her, “Thanks Mom, for saving my life,” and she says she knows it is genuine and from his heart.

Narconon Arrowhead is drug treatment program that specializes in all types of substance abuse problems.  Since Arrowhead opened in Oklahoma 22 years ago, it has helped over 10,000 people on their road to recovery and a drug-free life.