teaMeth addicts are some of the most desperate users in the entire sphere of drug use. Even addicts of other types of drugs will warn each other not to get involved with meth. It’s incredibly addictive, and even first-time users can find themselves hooked. The power and destructiveness of this drug has led to the famous slogan, “Meth: not even once.”

Addicts who continuously use the drug will find themselves appearing to rapidly age due to the damage to their skin and general appearance. They will also lose teeth due to the damage that meth does to your mouth and gums. In addition to the massive physical damage that the drug does to your body, you can also lose your mind to the powerful control that this drug exerts.

One of the mental problems you may experience is that meth can cause you to make very poor decisions. An example recently occurred in Oregon where a meth-using grandmother put her granddaughter’s life in danger with meth-laced tea.

Hiding the Signs of Drug Use

Law enforcement and drug rehabilitation professionals are very good at spotting the signs of drug use. No matter what type of drug you’re hooked on and what method of administration you favor, police have probably seen the tell tale signs before. Meth is often smoked in pipes, for example. These pipes can get very hot and burn the user’s fingers. Even heating the pipe with a lighter can lead to small burns.

Because addicts try to hide their addiction and any signs that they are aware of, they will often try to come up with new ways to use the drug to hide the signs from others. One potential new method of administration could be soaking meth in a drink like tea in order to be able to drink a solution of the drug.

Putting Her Granddaughter at Risk

A two-year-old in Oregon was going to sleep for the night when her mother spotted that she was acting very strangely. The girl was scratching her skin, acted nervous, fidgety and was talking very quickly. The mother realized that this was far more than a child’s normal end of the day antics, and she rushed her daughter to the hospital.

Doctors tested the girl and discovered that she was under the influence of methamphetamine. The mother was flabbergasted. Authorities investigated and determined that the girl was being watched by her grandmother at the time. Questioning of the grandmother determined that the woman had been trying to make a cup of meth-laced tea, and the girl had drunk some of the tea while being unattended.

Increasing Safety by Eliminating Drug Use

Due to her negligence and poor supervision of the girl, this grandmother almost let someone die because of her drug use. While it would be nice to say that this is uncommon, it sadly isn’t. Drug users frequently put their own lives and the lives of their family members at risk with their drug use. Whether it’s driving drunk or polluting a household with the fumes of toxic meth production, drug use causes people to make incredibly unsafe decisions.

In order to protect our communities and the safety of the children in them, it is of utmost importance that we continue to turn the tide against drug use in our country. Only be getting every addict off of drugs in an effective rehab program can we help all families be safe again. When we no longer have these deadly drugs in our communities, there will be no way that meth can take any more lives.


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