New Story Suggests Meth in Sports Drinks Diet Supplements

steriodsBeware of the “all-natural” new supplement! A new study shows that a popular sports drink and a weight-loss supplement have meth-like characteristics. Craze, the workout supplement created by Driven Sports, won “New Supplement of the Year” by What the award-winning producers failed to mention was the compound found in this, and their newest weight-loss supplement, Detonate.

Phenylethylamine is a class of chemicals known for their inclusion in phsycoactive drugs and stimulant effects. Both Craze and Detonate contain N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine, a substance that has the same addicting qualities as methamphetamine. Through the investigation in July, USA Today researchers stated they found that the compound is has been tweaked so it is “likely not as addictive as meth,” but since the compound has not been completely studied, the dangers are unknown. The developers of Craze have a history of risky dietary supplements. Some of the supplements released by the company have caused severe liver damage and even death.

What Researchers Found About Craze

Researchers from around the world looked into Craze once news broke about the harmful compounds found within. It was revealed that the compound found in the supplement was discovered to be the same compound found in a crystal powder seized by narcotics agents in 2011. In that incident, the compound was suspected as an illicit designer drug and found in an unclaimed lost package from Vietnam to South Korea. The same team that seized the compound found it in Craze.

First patented in 1988 by Knoll Pharmaceuticals, the compound was found to have psychoactive effects, such as enhancing mental activities and pain tolerance. The patent suggested a dosage of 10mg to 150mg with a target dose of 30 mgs. The single serving in Craze gives a dosage of 23 mgs and it is assumed that N alpha-diethylphenylethylamine was added strictly for its psychoactive effects. Phenylethylamines are found to have various chemicals that are found in chocolates and synthetically produced drugs. Researchers also found that the labels on Craze and Detonate do not show the compound they found within the supplements.

Retailers React to Suspect Compounds

Since the discovery of the compounds found in the supplements, retailers all around the world, and online, have reacted to the product. Wal-Mart suspended the sale of the product on its online website. The spokeswoman for the corporation, Dianna Gee, stated they pulled the product following the investigation into Matt Cahill’s exposure for risky supplements. “We did this to allow us time to look further into not only the safety of the product, but also the integrity of the supplier.”

Most surprising is, a leader in sport supplements and the company who nominated the product for an award. They also pulled the product from their online retail market. “The main message is there are too many questions,” Bill Carter, general counsel for said. “…the responsible thing is to investigate it and hold off on sales until we get a definitive answer.”

With the discovery of the compound, it is obvious that psychoactive drugs are still being released for public consumption. In this new age of fitness, companies are targeting people who are doing their best to better their physique and self-confidence. This is but another example of why vitamins are a more natural, and effective, way to get a full production out of the body. Turn away from supplements to boost energy. Research what vitamins to feed the body before working out. Natural vitamins will always be more efficient and will keep the body healthier.



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