New Research Finds that Meth Use During Pregnancy Has Risks

I know that the title can sound a little obvious, but there is new information on the subject.  A recent study at Brown University shows that infants who were exposed to methamphetamine during their growth in the womb are more prone to anxiety and depression than those who had a healthy growth.  While it has been known for years in the medical community that drug use of any kind by a mother during pregnancy is a very bad idea, more and more evidence is being discovered as to the exact effects.  Many studies have already shown that individuals with depression and anxiety are more likely than others to develop substance abuse problems in life.  So if meth use can lead to these symptoms, the cycle of abuse is just continued.  This is a sad situation indeed.  Methamphetamines are very easy to become addicted to once started.  The drug changes the brain chemistry, and the person literally becomes different and has different thoughts than if they were not using meth.

Many of the individuals who become addicted to meth will end up needing meth treatment to stop their drug use.  It is often the only way to salvage one’s livelihood, reconnect with family and friends, and become a productive member of society again.  Many people will be in denial about their problems at first.  If you have a loved one who is suffering from an addiction to methamphetamines, please talk to them.  Many people in these situations will simply not realize the situation at first, and a strong word from a parent, sibling, or friend can go a long way towards getting them help.  I do not believe that a person can be forced into getting help, and the must have a degree of self-determinism.  Once this is obtained, meth treatment needs to be found.  There are a large number of options available, and they are certainly not the same.  Please call (888) 824-0448 to speak to a national referral counselor.  They can find a program for you, that is in your price range and in your area.