Narconon’s Life Skills To Stop Methamphetamine Use

Methamphetamine addiction wreaks havoc on the body, mind and emotional status. There is no quick fix. When a person decides they want to stop and make a conscious effort to do so, they find they are in need of physical and psychological repair.  The body must be handled first in order to eliminate cravings. Once this is completely addressed, then the individual will need some life skills in order to keep their sobriety. Narconon offers a comprehensive Life Skills program.

Ups and Downs Course

The lifestyle of an addict or alcoholic will be that of negative association and influences. Usually some anti-social behavior accompanies the lifestyle as well. They have developed negative attitudes, due to some misconduct, because of their addiction. They most likely have pulled away from the positive, influential people in their lives and need to learn how to distinguish between good and bad. This course is designed to teach the difference between positive and negative influences, they then can recognize the people who will support their sobriety. The individual is always given freedom of choice, but this course helps them to learn how to weigh the good against the bad and make better decisions.

“This book was helpful because it made me realize what kind of people I was hanging around with…,” says Daniel S., Narconon student.

Personal Values and Integrity

Addicts have made repeated mistakes and have compromised their own personal integrity. They have become trapped in a cycle of committing misdeeds in order to hide their drug dependency. In order to hide one misdeed, they inadvertently commit another and another and so on. They have built a wall between themselves and normal society.

In order to get relief from this vicious circle, they will have to alleviate the guilt associated with all the misdeeds.
The Personal Values and Integrity Course provides much needed relief to the addict or alcoholic. They provide a detailed inventory of their past misdeeds in a very specific manner. This process enables them to identify these past mistakes, when they occurred, where they happened, who was involved with them and the harm done as a result.  This identification process provides the relief necessary and the addict or alcoholic is able to see where they made mistakes and enables them to begin looking at ways to repair their past mistakes. When this entire process is completed, dignity is restored to them. They also realize that the only way to really be happy is to live ethically.

“I am now standing on my own two feet without a mind altering drug. Now once again my heart is pumping the motivation and determination to make my life better.”  Robert D. NN Student comments after completing the course.

Changing Conditions

Now that the individual realizes their past mistakes, they are ready to make necessary repairs to their relationships and situations. This course teaches them that life can be sorted into separate dynamics and these dynamics in their entirety, are what individualize each one of us and our existence.  A few examples of these compartments, which are vital to existence are: relationships, jobs, beliefs, and spirituality. These are the things we all hold dear and are crucial to our survival. Additionally, this course educates the person on simple formulas to apply in any situation, in order to preserve these dynamics. This process also ensures the person that they are living within a healthy environment and not straying from an ethical path.

During this phase of the program, they are well on their way to having all the tools necessary to live a normal, drug free, healthy life.  In addition to learning these simple formulas and understanding just what they value most in life, they develop a discharge plan to ensure their optimal survival. They are now ready to establish some stable rules to live by.

“The Narconon program has made me realize that I can be a happy and productive person without the help of drugs…,” says Ryan C., Narconon Student

Way to Happiness

The final phase of the Narconon program is The Way to Happiness.  It teaches them the 21 precepts, or rules of conduct that are morally acceptable in which to live by. This completes the Narconon line up. There is a final review, which consists of counseling to help the graduate design an individual plan of action to address any situation they may encounter that would be a potential trouble source. Additionally, goals are set in the various areas of the person’s life that are unique and designed to ensure optimal survival for each person to the highest level.

“When one finds happiness, success, peace and fulfillment in life, what more could one ask?” Bob W. Narconon Staff Member comments on the course.

In conclusion, each individual plan of action or battle plan is kept on file at the center. Graduates are contacted on a regular basis to track their progress and ensure their sobriety. If a graduate should encounter a problem they can’t work through on their own, a qualified Narconon staff member is available to help to resolve this.

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