missouriMethamphetamine continues to spread out of law enforcement control, and recent reports share nothing but bad news about the subject. In Missouri, sheriff deputies made four arrests on several charges involving meth. Deputies found over ninety (90) meth labs between four houses on the same property in Hartville. One officer stated he had never seen so many labs in one place before.

Of course, it is no surprise that addicts would go to such great lengths to have a constant supply of drugs. Drug habits are very hard to kick, even while going through rehab. Methamphetamine, a man-made drug cooked in a lab using a variety of chemical mixtures, is one of the hardest habits to crack. The combination of chemicals wears heavily on the body and can cause a drug addiction with as little as one use. Some reports have spawned that minimize the terrible epidemic that is becoming meth. Small town America has their hands full trying to battle back against a drug that damages people and environments.

The chemical involved in cooking meth include red phosphorus or anhydrous ammonia, drano, lighter fluid, and various other types of cleaning supplies found under the sinks of kitchens and bathrooms. People under the influence of meth have been known to act erratically. Some temporarily cannot feel pain, giving the impression that they have superhuman strength. This is not true; the drugs are blocking the pain receptors from feeling. During this time, they can push their bodies beyond their limits. The damage is still done, and the person is subject to all of the pain from that damage after the drug wears off. Addicts revolve their lives around obtaining more and more of the drug. Many people spend their life savings on it, and then have to commit to a life of crime just to get more of it.

Those who are addicted will make up excuses to justify the situation they are in. Here are five of the most common things an addict will say:

1) “I’m not hurting anyone but myself.” – In regards to methamphetamine, this is definitely not true. Not only are the addict’s loved ones forced to watch him destroy his body and minds, but the waste involved in cooking meth destroys the environment. Those around a meth lab will smell a strong scent of ammonia in the area.

2) “If you had my problems, you would use, too.” – People are always going to have problems. Some people might have worse problems than the addict and they still manage to make it through the day/week/month without using drugs.

3) “This is who I am.” – This statement is very manipulative. It implies that anyone close to the addict should not try to change their destructive ways because the person is choosing to go down this path. They should be accepted for who they are and the person should support them in their actions. In statements like these, the addict is victimizing themselves for the situation they are in. Anyone close to the addict might feel bad for the addict and hesitate in getting them help.

4) “I need to do drugs for work.” – There are many people who believe that their drug habits help them perform better in their jobs. This is definitely true with prescription drugs, which has also become a problem in America. Whatever progress the addict believes they are having due to their drug habit will only continue to set them up for their own downfall.

5) “I’m not an addict. I can stop whenever I want.” – Then why don’t they just stop and find a better outlet? Any addict who says this is giving a textbook definition of addiction. Statements like this should send a warning to the person receiving it that there is a serious problem in their loved one’s life.