Methamphetamines And The Human Brain

While it well known that methamphetamines are harmful to the body, as well as addictive, new evidence shows it actually causes brain damage.  According to, recent studies indicate that methamphetamines actually cause a loss of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Neurotransmitters are the “signal Carriers” of the brain.  They aid in coordination and memory, and once they are gone, they do not grow back like a broken bone does.  The study showed that former methamphetamine users had, on average, 24% less of these neurotransmitters than expected.  This is basically like saying that their brains are physically older than the person.  A person’s mental and physical performance is decreased.  This occurs in older individuals, and is part of growing older, except this is occurring to teenagers and people in their 20s.  Sadly, methamphetamine use is on the rise currently, and that means that more and more people will be affected.  Along with brain degeneration, meth abuse has also been linked to strokes, psychosis, and heart problems.  What makes meth stand apart from the other drugs is the permanent neurological damage.  As stated earlier, a brain does not grow back, nor does one’s neurological system.  This is a horrible problem, in America as well as elsewhere, and change is needed.

Rehab for methamphetamines is available in every state.  They come in varying price ranges and types.  Some rehabilitation centers just put the patients on prescription drugs, which, in the long run, are no better than the illegal drugs.  I cannot recommend a methamphetamine rehab that replaces illegal drugs with prescription drugs.  There are other options that focus on cleansing the body instead of adding more chemicals to it.  This type of treatment is known as the “biophysical approach”.  I believe it is a saner approach, and the success of these programs is general higher than that of drug replacement therapy.  Narconon Arrowhead uses this approach, and the success rate is over 70%.  If you need help with rehab for methamphetamines, or just want more information it for someone else, please call (888) 824-0448.