Methamphetamine Use Is On The Rise In Texas Again

According to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, methamphetamine are becoming more prevalent after several years of slowing down.  They attribute the increase to new methods of producing the drug.  A few years ago, common ingredients such as pseudoephedrine were becoming more restricted, and thus, harder to obtain.

But recently, the criminals have begun using other methods, thereby getting around the lack of supplies.  The researchers state that the drug cartels in Mexico have began using what is called “P2P” method, which is much more difficult and requires more skill in the maker to produce the meth.  If you want to read the full article, go to 

Methamphetamines are one of the most addictive drugs currently in the United States.  They are not just a problem in Texas, and are seen all over the country.  They are more common in rural areas, but are steadily spreading everywhere.  Methamphetamines are a very strong stimulant, and often, addiction quickly follows recreational use.

While most drugs are at least partially derived from plants of some type, methamphetamine is 100 percent man-made.  It is made from a variety of ingredients that include industrial chemicals and household cleaning supplies.  Several varieties of effective cough and cold relief products have been removed or placed behind the counter in an effort to halt the production of methamphetamines, but as described earlier, the makers of the drug have found other ways.

Besides the factor of easily becoming addicted, methamphetamines can cause a whole host of health issues.  These include insomnia, psychosis, teeth and mouth problems, skin damage caused by picking one’s skin, and neural damage in the brain and central nervous system.  It is very difficult to quit once addicted, and many must get professional treatment at a meth rehab center.  Contact us today for more information.