Meth Use Causes Major Deterioration in Physical Appearance

methMeth users boast about their feelings when they get that “meth-high”. They feel a rush of pleasure – a euphoria,  giving them feelings of increased energy, focus, confidence, and even a boost in sexuality, making them feel more desirable and desire others more. But such a high, quick fix can lead to terrible repercussions. Methamphetamines are known for their altering chemicals, causing major deterioration with prolonged use. The drug destroys tissues and blood vessels, disrupting the body’s ability to repair itself. Acne appears on the face, sores blister, and the skin loses its vitality, making the user appear older than they really are, quickly. The teeth rot, salivary glands dry up and allow the acids in the mouth free reign at teeth – causing cavities. On top of this, meth users are known to grind their teeth, so this does not allow for a healthy dental life. Is the temporary high, and the life of “upkeep”, worth it?

The Before and After

Surely, the information is not missed among the common man. Meth kills. Not only does it kill, it deteriorates the body, beats it down to the point where it cannot care for itself. Don’t take these words as absolute truth, after all “a picture speaks a thousand words.” The sites are all online – from to Faces of Meth. The before and after images are all too real. People go from an everyday, handsome man or lovely looking woman, to a zombie after a just few years of meth use.

This is the reality of meth. This is what the user is getting into when they decide to take meth. The final result from this drug, the only result from this drug with continued use, is a painful death. For those already addicted and seeking help, there is a system that relieves the body of the drug permanently, so the user never suffers from the urges or feels the need to return. They will be free to live the life they wanted to without the shackles of addiction.

Two Parent Share their Story of Meth Recovery

Linda and Lyman S. were in a family battle with meth for ten years. Their son, 32 years old, was addicted. He understood the addiction was a problem and completed a rehab program, which helped him stay clean for six months. However, he returned to drugs and became so engrossed in them that he even sold them on the streets. After watching their son struggle and again become a victim to the drug, Linda and Lyman met with the local authorities to have him arrested. They felt they had no other option.

Then, while searching the Internet, Linda came across Narconon Arrowhead. Based in Oklahoma, the program specialized in rehab for a multitude of addictions. Linda contacted a counselor, who worked with her and her husband to get their son into treatment. Like any addict, their son went through his difficulties at the beginning of the program, but with the support of the staff and his family, he made it through. After graduating, he even stayed to learn skills so he could one day help others with their addiction struggles. Upon returning home, Linda stated she often heard him thank her for saving his life.

Though meth is a terrible drug – highly addictive and destructive on the person overall – it is not unbeatable. Narconon Arrowhead has helped 100,000 since their initiation 22 years ago. 70% of people reported living drug free lives. Statistics aside, the real road to recovery is through a decision to better oneself. Once a person makes the choice to get better, they will do everything necessary to bring it about. With a clear goal, and the right support, even meth does not stand a chance.



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