agingAny decision that you make in life involves a decision about costs and benefits. You have to weigh the benefit of any action you take against what it will cost you to do it. This can be simple when you are just talking about the potential financial risks and rewards of company’s transactions. It’s a lot more complicated when your health is on the line.

When someone is thinking about whether or not to use drugs, for example, she has to weigh everything negative she has heard about them against the possible “fun” that she could have. Friends might have said that it’s great to get high, but her parents have said that drugs are dangerous and can kill you. Who should she believe, and what will be the costs of her choice?

If you want to keep the people you care about from using drugs, you have to help those people understand the dangers of what they are doing. If they only hear about the “positive” aspects of drug use (which usually turn out to be lies), they will be tricked into using substances that could seriously damage their quality of life or even kill them. It is up to more informed individuals to spread the truth about drugs in order to help their loved ones stay safe and healthy.

Meth Use Damages the Body Right Away

There are thousands of different drugs available in the world, and each one affects the body in slightly different ways. It’s true that some drugs don’t seem to be that bad for the body at first. Their negative effects can take a while to kick in, so users are tricked into thinking that they are safe in the short term. Other drugs can be extremely damaging to the body almost right away. If potential users don’t know the truth about them, they can do permanent damage to their bodies and minds before they’ve even had a chance to “see the light.”

Meth is one of these drugs. Every variety of methamphetamine is made from a similar process that includes synthesizing the drug out of a variety of toxic chemicals. Some of the common ingredients for meth include battery acid, drain cleaner and antifreeze. All of these deadly substances contain a few chemicals that can be combined, boiled down and eventually mixed up to create meth.

The problem for users is that the end product is just as poisonous to your body as the original ingredients. When you start taking meth, it’s the same thing to your body as if you had started swallowing small batches of caustic chemicals that are more at home in your car’s engine. If no one stops an unlucky user from first trying meth, he will start to see the effects on his body almost right away.

Some of the Physical Effects of Meth Use

Some of the most common effects of meth use appear on an addict’s face. For example, even one use of meth can cause your face to dry out and get extremely itchy (it is being suffused with toxic chemicals, after all). This dry skin effect combined with the itchiness causes the user to want to start scratching her face. This causes open, bloody sores that start marring the appearance of the user almost right away. Another effect of the damage is that the user will start to get wrinkled and have her skin lose its vitality. This leads to even short-term meth users starting to look decades older than they actually are. In other words, use meth if you want to start looking old and dying long before your time.