gunIt appears as though homemade meth is being desperately swapped for “Ice” amongst the hands of users, as has been reported in the South Mississippi area. Over the last couple of years hundreds of kilos of ice have been found there, a majority of it being linked to Mexican drug cartels and what is known as their “super labs”. A super lab is basically a lab that puts the mom-and-pop or bathtub meth labs to shame with a production of about 10 pounds of it every 24 hour. This is a lot in comparison to the few ounces these home meth labs can make. The reason this type of meth is referred to as ice is because of its crystal clear appearance which, for users who know what to look for, is a telltale sign that it is pure and simultaneously potent. It actually is supposedly about twice as strong as the homemade meth. The street value of ice is around $200 a gram but dry traffickers usually charge the local suppliers up to hundreds of dollars per pound. Nearly 20 cartel members have been arrested by the DEA in South Mississippi. Per the Justice Department’s 2011 National Drug Threat Assessment, Mexico is our country’s main source of meth.

Before a law was passed in Mississippi which banned pseudoephedrine products from being sold, (pseudoephedrine is a main ingredient in the making of meth), meth makers would usually use what are known as “smurfs”. “Smurfs” are people used by meth makers to buy small quantities of the products in order to avoid any unwanted attention and suspicion. However after the law was passed the reports of having found home meth labs,dump sites, or related equipment have pretty much plummeted, from 912 in 2010 to six in 2012. Ice seems to be all over the place, especially in this mentioned area, where the DEA is doing their best to seize what they can and arrest who they’re able to find.

In conclusion meth is a serious threat in society today and has a myriad of side effects and negative effects. It can lead to violent or aggressive behavior so the danger of this stuff showing up in a form that’s twice as potent should be a bit terrifying to say the least. Meth can lead to a long list of vile reactions as well including paranoia, seizures, delirium, heart attack, and what is known as “tweaking”. Tweaking is a situation where the drug is no longer providing a rush or high and the user can’t curb his cravings. This combination throws the user into a full-blown psychotic state where they are seriously driven out of reality. Apparently in their own world, they begin to hallucinate heavily and usually act accordingly, whether it be by violent or aggressive actions. So as you can see, whether its homemade meth or ice, the struggle is real for the DEA, especially in the case of ice in South Mississippi where these small groups are sent off by the Mexican cartels.