hitlerHitler made meth famous long before Breaking Bad ever got to it.

The notorious hypochondriac was on a long list of medications—seventy-four, to be precise. Among them was methamphetamine, popular among the military to combat fatigue. Hitler is believed to have consumed crystal meth before a heated meeting with Mussolini in 1943, as well as during the days leading up to his death.

Rumors Debunked, Secrets Revealed

American Military Intelligence compiled a forty-seven-page wartime dossier on Hitler, revealing a number of surprising things about the Fuhrer. He was first set on his path to drug addiction in 1936 by Dr. Morell, who ran a clinic in Berlin. What began as treatment to cure stomach cramps quickly went downhill—next came the barbiturate Brom-Nervacit, the morphine-derivative Eukodal, bulls’ semen to increase testosterone, and Pervitin, a brand name for crystal meth.

Morell then administered the stimulants Coramine and Cardiazol, which were then followed by more sedatives. At the close of 1943, Germany’s dictator was heavily dependent on a deadly cocktail of uppers and downers.

Other theories about Hitler’s madness, including claims that he was a predatory homosexual or that he was missing a testicle, were debunked by the dossier.

Perhaps the Fuhrer’s insanity was not such a mystery after all. Such heavy drug cocktails have created many madmen along the path of history.

From Methamphetamine to Madness

Crystal meth is so powerful, it would turn an innocent rabbit into Bunnicula. From agitation and paranoia to full-fledged aggression and psychosis, the caustic drug alters mind and mood. Hallucinations are common, with meth users often believing they are being followed by police or that people are secretly plotting against them. It’s no wonder they call it tweaking—it truly is as if the user is being pulled and twisted into something else.

A common hallucination associated with meth use is known as “crank bugs.” Users often “see” insects crawling beneath their skin, and this leads to compulsive skin picking in an effort to get them out. Someone on meth may spend hours in front of a mirror, scraping away at their skin. This is one of the reasons that meth users have heavily pock-marked skin.

Tissue degeneration occurs rapidly in meth users. In just a few short months or years, someone on meth can go from healthy to haggard, gaunt and aged. Teeth become severely rotten and often break or fall out. In fact, “meth mouth” is a telltale sign of use of the drug.

The grisly tale of meth is no surprise, however, when you understand where it comes from.

Recipe for Disaster: Cooking Meth

Five pounds of toxic waste are generated just to make one pound of meth. The black sludge that is a byproduct of the drug is extremely poisonous and puts innocent people at risk every day.

The key ingredient of meth is pseudoephedrine, a pharmaceutical often used in cold medicine. It is combined with a cocktail of toxic chemicals that include:

  • Battery acid
  • Drain cleaner
  • Lantern fuel
  • Antifreeze
  • Acetone, which can be found in nail polish remover or paint thinner
  • Lithium, which is used in batteries
  • Toluene, found in brake fluid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Red phosphorus, which is found on matchboxes, in road flares and other explosives
  • Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye
  • Sulfuric acid

As you can see, these caustic and explosive chemicals make for a very dangerous combination. This is why meth labs are essentially time bombs that require immediate evacuation upon discovery, and only qualified professionals are able to safely clean them out.

Is it any wonder that meth is an Angel of Death that leads its victims to the kind of madness Hitler was capable of?