methThere is no doubt that drugs are dangerous chemical substances that adversely affect individuals and ruin relationships, health and lives. However, understanding these substances and the dangers they pose requires that an individual understand the true facts about drugs – not that the individual is simply “scared” of drugs. Advertisements that simply state that “Drugs are bad” or that “Drugs kill” may not be enough to adequately communicate to individuals about the dangers of these substances, and in fact they may serve only to cause skepticism at best. On the other hand, advertisements that paint a vivid picture of all the horrors that can be caused by severe addiction problems can likewise fail to bring about the desired results in viewers. Methamphetamine has a well-earned reputation as one of the most addictive drug substances currently in existence. An individual who turns to meth use may not know the truth about this drug, and may simply think that meth use will be able to help them in some way in their life. Since most individuals are able to make wise decisions when they have all the facts to hand, it is important to understand some truths about meth that may not be advertised. Facts About Meth Fact #1: Meth addiction isn’t always obvious. Methamphetamine is undoubtedly a very potent, addictive and dangerous drug substance. There is no doubt that meth addiction can cause an individual’s physical health to deteriorate dramatically, and many individuals who suffer from meth addiction have gray, sagging skin that is covered in sores. Meth addicts can also appear severely malnourished and may be unable to hold down a job. However, these things usually occur as one of the more advanced stages of meth addiction, not as an automatic guarantee for everyone who experiences meth addiction. In fact, some meth addicts gain weight instead of losing it, and are able to function well enough to hold down their job. There are even online forums dedicated to working mothers who use meth in order to have enough energy to work full-time and raise their kids. It is this very fact that may drive some individuals into trying meth – many people seem to be functioning well while using meth. Fact #2: Scare-tactics can actually make meth problems worse. Again, there is no doubt that meth is a dangerous drug that every individual should avoid, but some advertisements can go so far in outlining all of the possible, worst-case-scenario dangers of meth use that it seems cartoonish, ridiculous and unbelievable. An individual who is presented with this type of advertisement may feel that it is unrealistically presenting a possibility of extensive health damages that may only occur in a very small percentage of meth users, and if they are able to control their meth use habits these types of problems will never happen to them. Fact #3: Attempts to restrict pseudoephedrine purchases fail to reduce or eliminate meth production. Pseudoephedrine is one of the key ingredients in meth production, so attempts have been made to handle meth production by restricting pseudoephedrine purchases. However, the plain fact is that an individual who is drug dependent and addicted is so driven to maintain a certain quantity of these substances in their body at all times that they are only temporarily deterred by such an action until they find another solution. For example, meth production may simply shift to another out-of-country source, or a meth addict may have a bunch of their friends go to a variety of pharmaceutical stores to collect all the necessary pseudoephedrine. If an individual is actually trying to prevent or resolve a meth use or addiction problem, the solution is to learn all the facts about this drug. The efforts of media advertisements are, of course, directed toward helping individuals maintain healthy, drug-free lives, but they may not contain all the information an individual actually needs to make the best choice for himself.