cokeEveryone knows that drugs can hurt you, but not everyone knows just how bad the effects are. Some drugs can take a while to have physical signs of use. For example, you might figure out that a friend is smoking marijuana due to seeing him spaced-out and a gradual lowering of his IQ. You might figure out that a friend has become an alcoholic because of his frequent drinking and poor decision making. Aside from these signs, however, it can be hard to spot their drug use when they’re not actually high on the drug. If the person was able to stop using for a few days, they could probably deceive you into thinking that they weren’t on anything.

Meth is a completely different story. When someone is using this drug, you’re going to be able to tell. The drug gives users a powerful high, and it can hook them after only one use. There are many, many stories of meth addicts saying that they were just curious about the drug. They only wanted to try it once, to “see what it’s like.” The problem with meth, and several other drugs, such as heroin, is that they don’t let you just try it once. You can feel the cravings to try it again within hours of your first use. Without professional help, you might not be able to ever quit.

Physical Effects of Meth Use

The effects of meth use are some of the most horrifying of all drugs. The mental effects alone are terrible. Meth users can see terrifying hallucinations or get phantom itches all over their bodies. These users can get the feeling that insects are crawling under their skin.

These mental effects lead to some awful physical consequences. Due to these phantom itches and the sensation of things crawling around in your body, many meth addicts begin scratching themselves repeatedly, trying to make the feelings go away. One of the quickest ways to spot a meth addict is by the open sores and numerous scabs all over their bodies, including their faces.

Besides the sores, meth addicts also fall prey to many other afflictions. Smoking meth wreaks havoc on your mouth. Because it is created with a noxious combination of toxic chemicals, meth can destroy your teeth and gums,  staining, cracking and rotting your mouth away. Meth use also causes many addicts to get the urge for sugary foods. Drinking lots of soda and eating lots of candy (and then not taking proper care of oral hygiene) leads the mouths of these addicts to further putrefy.

Meth use decreases the appetite, so many addicts don’t eat enough or go days without meals. As they starve, the bodies of these addicts begin to burn up stored fat reserves to get energy. This is why many meth addicts look gaunt and skeletal. After the fat reserves are gone, the body then goes to work on breaking down muscles. Meth addicts literally destroy their bodies through the course of their addictions.

Meth Addicts – Before and After

Anyone can get addicted to meth if they give it a try. It is saddening to see what happens when otherwise healthy Americans with their whole lives ahead of them start using the drug. News sites such as CBS News have compiled galleries of headshots from meth addicts at the start of their addiction and then a few years later after it has progressed. In each case, meth has turned these people into gaunt, hollow-eyed almost zombified versions of themselves. It’s true what they say about meth – don’t try it, “not even once.”


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