There’s different opinions on how long methamphetamine stays in the body. The correct answer depends on what you are using for a measurement.

About half the drug is broken down by the body and eliminated in 12 hours but the high may last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. If you’re testing the urine for meth, you’ll have to wait an hour after the person smokes, snorts, injects or ingests it. Traces will be detectible in the urine for 72 hours.


What is a Methamphetamine Metabolite?

Whenever a toxic substance is introduced into the body, the organs immediately go to work to break it down and eliminate it. As this work is done, methamphetamine is broken down into other substances that can be eliminated through the sweat, urine and feces. The new substances are called metabolites.

The chemicals that result from this breakdown include norephedrine and some very long-named chemicals. It’s these chemicals that over-the-counter or doctor’s office drug tests are looking for.

Does a Negative Test Mean the Drugs are Completely Gone from the Body?

Many people think that a negative drug test means that methamphetamine has completely cleared the body. An addicted person who has gone through a detox as they enter rehab may think the same thing.

But methamphetamine is attracted to fats. This means that, once it is in the body, the drug will tend to move toward and bond with fats in the body. Therefore it is easy for traces of this drug to be stored in the body for long periods.

Every body has some fat deposits – even thin bodies. And there are different types of fat in each body. Some types of fat have poor blood circulation, meaning it is hard for these areas to clear toxins that might be stored. The result is that toxins may be stored in a drug user’s body for many years.

Supporting this concept is the awareness that drugs like LSD can cause flashbacks of the hallucinogenic experience, even many years after the drug was taken.

The Solution to Drug Residues Stored in Fatty Tissues

The Narconon program offers a deep detoxification action to help with these stored toxins. It takes daily exercise, a strict nutritional regimen and time spent daily in a low-heat sauna to activate the body’s ability to discharge these toxins. This step of the program is called the New Life Detoxification Program. The benefits are remarkable and unique to the Narconon program.

One woman described her benefits from this step as she went through this rehab program after twenty years of addiction. She said, “I felt a tremendous amount of relief throughout my body. All the powerful urges to use drugs that had been haunting me for some time were finally gone.” Some people have said their drug dreams finally stopped, others commented that their cravings were finally relieved.

The answer, then, is that drug residues can reside in the body for years unless a person flushes them out with this unique detoxification. For details on how this program works, contact Narconon Arrowhead today.