liquidMeth is one of the most destructive drugs in America. Unlike other popular, illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, meth usually isn’t shipping in the US from outside of the country. For years it has been produced in small, homemade production facilities called “meth labs.” US law enforcement has intensely cracked down on meth production recently, and this has been driving meth labs out of the small communities they plagued.

Instead of disappearing completely, however, it now appears that meth production is simply moving south of the border. Instead of making meth in small, poorly ventilated houses, drug makers are realizing that the “big” drug makers had the right idea. By making meth in Mexico (where laws are much more lax and the police are often on the side of the drug cartels), meth can be produced even more cheaply and in greater quantities than it can in the US.

The problem for Mexican meth producers is that they still have to find a way to get the finished product back into America. Border patrol agents and the American Drug Enforcement Agency are both going to be on the lookout for the telltale white crystals of methamphetamine. To stay a step ahead, drug makers are now finding new ways to move this lucrative product.

Meth in Liquid Form

There are several ways to try to smuggle drugs over the border. One (foolish) way is to simply load up your drugs and hope that you don’t get caught. Border patrol can’t check every single car, so maybe yours will get through. A slightly more clever way is to hide the drugs. Drug makers will hide their shipments underneath a load of fruit or manufactured goods and hope that agents don’t see it.

These methods have both failed many times, so meth manufacturers have developed another method: hiding it in plain sight. Since meth usually comes in a crystallized form, meth makers are dissolving it in water and then loading it into containers like tequila bottles. They hope that the drug can pass through customs looking like it’s just alcohol.

If the drugs are successfully transported over the border, they can’t stay in this liquid state. Meth isn’t administered in a liquid form, and no, you cannot drink it. If you tried to drink a bottle of meth dissolved in water you would die very quickly from an overdose.

Once liquid meth is over the border, it is transported to smaller production facilities where it is reduced back to a crystal form that drug addicts can smoke. This is the form of the drug that is well-known in movies and TV shows.

The Effects of Meth on Society

Due to the fact that almost anyone can make meth after looking up the recipes online, it has become a scourge throughout most of our country. The fact that large-scale operations are now moving it into America in a liquid state is only making the problem worse.

While the government and law enforcement can try to work against meth on the national scale, individual members of the community can also help make sure it doesn’t continue to spread. The main way that anyone can fight against meth is to get educated on it and to watch for the symptoms of meth use in the people you know. Getting these individuals into rehab quickly is the very best way to help them become rehabilitated and return to sobriety. You can also be on the watch for meth labs in your community and can report them to law enforcement to be shut down.