methSocially, body image is a key factor in many facets of life, for both men and women. People set New Year’s Resolutions because of personal problems with their bodies and rush to the gym to “perfect themselves”. This is a global issue; the media has implanted in people’s minds what it means to be attractive. The image changes over time, but this year’s portrait is what people rush to achieve so they can increase their stock in life – at least for outer appearance. Body image problems are the main reason women turn to weight loss supplements for help. One specific supplement is doing more harm than good – especially in outer appearance.

Crystal meth has been sold as a weight loss drug, among other things, for decades. Methamphetamine is a Schedule II drug, meaning it is only available as prescription. Doses are prescribed much lower than typically abused, as methamphetamine has a high probability of abuse. Also known as ice, crystal meth causes a multitude of health problems within the body. Methamphetamine operations can be as elaborate as the international drug rings as large as those portrayed on movies and television shows, or as simple as a combination in a soda can that can be found anywhere. Many of the chemicals used to cook meth can be found under the sink in everyone’s kitchen. Drano, anhydrous ammonia, red phosphorus found on matchboxes in stores, and Sudafed are all ingredients found in meth. Combined, they depress the body of nutrients, which causes a massive weight loss. The effect it has on the body attracts women who feel they need to lose weight.

Methamphetamine causes a wide range of health problems. The users undergo “formication” , which makes them think that bugs are crawling up and down their bodies. People who are under the influence of meth scratch at the bugs, which is why many people are seen with open cuts or some that have partially healed. It can also cause a variety of mental issues, such as paranoia, suicidal and even homicidal thoughts.

Meth to Handle Body Image Issues?

Despite these many health effects, women take up meth to obtain their ideal body image. Thirty percent of women who use meth admitted to taking up the drug to lose weight. Furthermore, women who decided to kick their habit and went to rehab picked up the weight soon after coming off. One teenager picked up thirty pounds after coming off of meth. When a body that is used to having meth in the system recovers, it stores fat in anticipation of being drained of nutrients again. This causes the weight lost to come back on. Needless to say the teenager took meth up again to lose the weight. Sixty percent of meth users are women. Experts believe the thinking of the drug users is that they look a lot better when they use meth. If only they could find a balance in taking the drugs…

Meth has spread throughout all neighborhoods. Small town America throughout the country is seeing a rise in meth activity. Teenagers in search of adventure in the boring suburbs are going to nearby cities to get a thrill in life. The barrenness of the “burbs” are perfect environments for things that need to be kept secret, such as meth operations. Not to mention many of the homes keep anhydrous tanks near their homes.

Whatever the method, using methamphetamine has detrimental effects on the body. It may make people lose weight, even so effectively as to be prescribed as a weight loss supplement, but it is very dangerous for the body. Though it might have an attractive effect, the flip side is not worth the addiction.