How Narconon’s Sauna Program Handles Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine Information

Meth can be eaten, snorted or smoked and easily dissolves in water to be used intravenously. Any way of use is highly potent and addictive.  The drug has been known to have users hooked their very first use.  Meth replaces your brains natural chemicals with artificial chemicals giving you an intense feeling of euphoria.  Studies have shown that meth use causes structural changes in the area of the brain associated with memory and emotions. Meth also causes:

•    Dramatic weight loss
•    Decaying of teeth (meth mouth)
•    Delusions
•    Hallucinations
•    Paranoia

Methamphetamine use has caused users psychotic episodes, such as picking the skin until the skin is gone, seeing people behind trees or coming out of the walls.  This is such a common occurrence, user’s call these hallucinations “meth monsters”.

Methamphetamine Treatment

At this time there is no medication that can treat a person for meth addiction. Programs that utilize a holistic approach as well as educating the individual and giving him life skills not to use have been shown to be effective for ceasing meth use and preventing relapse.

Why a Person Needs Narconon

When a person uses meth, the drug metabolites actually store in the bodies fatty tissues.  These metabolites can be stored in the body for up to 5 years after their last use. When the user’s heart rate increases or even if they just start to sweat, these metabolites can be released back into the blood stream causing a person to want to use the drug again.

Narconon Detoxification Program

The Narconon sauna program is designed to clear a person’s body of all drug metabolites. The reason is to prevent these metabolites from being released back into the blood stream causing a person to physically crave the drug again.

A person spends 5 hours a day in a dry sauna taking 5-10 minute breaks every 20 minutes to prevent overheating. A doctor is employed by Narconon to give everyone who starts the sauna program a physical to ensure they are healthy enough to start.

Daily routine

Step I: Check In- The staff will confirm that a person got 6-8 hrs. of sleep, weigh them, and take their blood pressure. They will then distribute the right amount of niacin.

Step II: Take Daily Dose of Niacin- Niacin can cause a skin reaction or flush. If at a low dose a flush is not created, the person will go to a higher dose the next day. Niacin pushes all toxins, including radiation caused by sun burns or x-rays, to the skins surface so it is easily sweated out. It is fast acting so is a vitamin that is in and out of the body in just a few hours.

Step III: Exercise- A person is required to spend 30 minutes daily exercising before they enter the sauna.  The reason is to get the heart rate up and to help the niacin release the toxins out of the fatty tissues.  This is usually done on an elliptical or treadmill.

Step IV: Sauna- The sauna’s temperature ranges from 120° to 185°, depending upon the sauna one selects.  Once a person enters the sauna, they sit there with their water and build up a sweat. It usually takes 4-7 minutes to build up a good sweat and by 20 minutes, sweat is rolling of the body like a dripping faucet. Water is to be drunken constantly while in the sauna, about 2 gallons a day, to help prevent overheating, dehydration and to replenish body fluids lost by sweating.  This is done for 5 hours.

Step V: Vitamins and Minerals- A special assortment of vitamins are given to each individual through-out the 5 hours to replace the natural vitamins being sweated out. There are also oils given to keep the body healthy and restore to the healthiest possible.

As the niacin is increased, so is the amount of vitamins and oils taken.

Actual Success Story From the Sauna Program:

Before I started the sauna, I felt miserable. I tossed and turned at night not able to get enough sleep.  I could not focus on what I was doing and had no energy. My first week in sauna, I noticed my skin was softer and I was sleeping better already.  During the second week I started to feel like I was coming down off meth again; I lost my appetite for a day or two, then the next day I felt better than I have in ten years. I knew then this program was working.  I felt great!  Every day I felt better and my vision became clearer. I noticed that my hand writing was even getting neater.

When I started the program, my thoughts were like spaghetti all tangled in my mind. Then towards the end, my thoughts were clear again and I was able to focus on getting better. Finally, once again, I had a purpose for living.  I became friendlier to others; I became happier and more confident.  I started to play sports again and enjoy life.

I now have purpose in my life, I am able to think clear, make better choices and communicate with others well.  I now have routine. I am no longer tired during the days and sleep great at night.  I once had an idea of what my life was going to be and those dreams faded away when I was using meth.  Now that I have completed the sauna program, my dreams are once again clear and attainable.

Clint H.-Narconon Student

If you or someone you know is struggling with meth addiction, call Narconon today 1-800-468-6933.

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