How Narconon’s Objectives Handle Meth Addiction

Today, we are seeing more and more lives affected by drugs or alcohol. Current statistics have shown that 85 % of the households in the United States are affected by drugs or alcohol, in some way. It goes without saying that people across our nation are seeking solutions for themselves and their loved ones. They want solutions that work.

Here at Narconon, not only do we detoxify the body which eliminates drug and alcohol cravings, we address the life skills necessary to live a sober life. Once the body is rid of the toxins and drug residuals left behind in the fatty tissue, life skill courses are administered to the students to help them with everyday problems experienced by all. These life skill courses are staged in phases so as to progress the student through on a gradient type basis. These courses are all very closely supervised and monitored. A student cannot progress to another stage of the course or to the next phase of the program without getting the previous part of the program totally understood and applied in his own life. This is done to ensure that each student has successfully mastered, each step and can apply it to stay off drugs and alcohol.

The courses are delivered in a sequential pattern so as the student progresses, they are making decisions to the fullest benefit. These concepts and methods have been delivered and been successful to thousands who have sought help through the Narconon program since the 1960s. Founder, William Benitez, felt that by gaining these skills, the drug addict could learn to identify his problems and solve them. With a current success rate of 76%, the Narconon program is among the most successful in the world.

The Narconon program is not based on the theory that alcoholism or drug addiction is a disease. Nor does Narconon support drug substitution therapy to handle substance abuse problems. Rather, Narconon recognizes that addiction results when the body is and has been poisoned repeatedly by inorganic substances and seeks to help get the individual free of these substances. This perspective has been gaining support across the nation.

The Objectives portion of the Narconon program is one of the most important aspects of the treatment and is designed to bring the student into present time. Addicts and alcoholics tend to live and dwell in the past. This inhibits them from making viable decisions. When they are trapped in the past, they disregard the reality of the present.  They, therefore, are not living in present time and are stuck in the past. The Objectives portion of the program is designed to orient the student to his immediate environment. This is accomplished through a series of exercises, known as “objective processes.”

These exercises require the student to really be able to see the world around him. This means they are living in the moment, they are keenly aware of their current situation and surroundings. The simple act of bringing the student into the present is eye opening. Most feel a huge sense of relief and are in high spirits. While, they still remember their past drug use they are not stuck in it to where it is continually effecting their lives negatively.

They have come to realize and recognized where they have made bad decisions in the past and now possess the ability to make rational and wise decisions. This portion of the program is pivotal for almost all of our students. Upon successful completion of this phase of the program, the student is ready to progress through the remainder of the life skills courses.

Objectives are delivered once the client has completed Narconon’s sauna detox program.

For those addicted to meth, this part of the program can help mentally free a person from being stuck in meth use permanently.

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