methDesoxyn is a medication used for various purposes: weight reduction for obese people, as well as for treating ADHD, narcolepsy (a sleep disorder which is characterized by sudden attacks of fatigue which put the person to sleep) and depression. It was made in 1942 by US pharmacologists. However there is a lot of controversy which has been going around regarding this medication and for good reason: Desoxyn is essentially the same chemical as methamphetamine. Because of this, it is an addictive drug with the potential for abuse by both street meth users as well as people prescribed it. Each Desoxyn tablet, administered orally, contains five milligrams of methamphetamine hydrochloride.

Some serious side effects for Desoxyn are rapid, pounding or uneven heartbeats, feeling light-headed, fainting, very high blood pressure (bad headache, blurred vision, buzzing in the ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, seizure), tremor, restlessness, unusual behavior, muscle twitches and hallucinations. Less serious side effects include headache or dizziness, sleep difficulties such as insomnia, dry mouth, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, loss of interest in sex, loss of sex drive and similar sexual issues. The above listed are not even all the side effects, but enough to give you an idea of what kind of predicament someone is dealing with when faced with having to take Desoxyn for the sake of treating the somewhat random list of mental and physical conditions listed above. These “side effects” pretty much look the same as the negative effects which are listed for even long term meth, related to the street drug level of abuse. This is not a coincidence and evident of the risk involved in taking a medication like this. Emergency-level allergic reaction to this medication are hives, difficulty breathing and swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.

As you can see, the rising contradiction in regards to this drug is pretty much merited, when looking at alternative therapies for weight reduction or the other conditions Desoxyn is used for treating. It seems like giving what is essentially meth to cover up a diversity of various conditions doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution. In fact, looking at the side effects, it seems like a pretty harmful solution. The main reason it seems like a harmful solution is that it opens the door for abuse and, in some cases, addiction, not to mention the other reasons it could be a harmful solution (that litany of vile side effects mentioned above). What it comes down to is that Desoxyn is the brand name as well as pharmaceutical grade form of methamphetamine. When taking into consideration the gravity of this situation, a sequence of things can happen leading to an eventually disturbing outcome. The sequence of events could go something like this: a patient is prescribed Desoxyn for one of the above listed conditions (perhaps depression). This would seem harmless, as obviously the prescription of it is ordinarily in controlled tablet doses. However, let’s say the patient abuses their medication, maybe by taking too much at one time. They run out of said medication and come up to the horrifying fact that not only do they crave and need more of this stuff, but they no longer have access to it due to the fact that their prescription has run its course. So, on the hunt for some accessible version of it, they find precisely what they are looking for and that something is street meth. You could see a pattern here, and recipe for disaster.