methMany drugs can damage the body and mind, but there are some that are more similar to something from a horror movie than what you’d expect from using a recreational drug. Meth is one of them. The drug is made from industrial solvents and chemicals, to start with. While many of the most popular drugs in the world (like marijuana, cocaine and heroin) are actually derivatives of plants that naturally grow in the ground, meth is different.

It is a compound that chemists synthesized in a lab many years ago and was banned for the dangerous effects that it created in the human body. In the last few decades, the knowledge of how to create the drug exploded throughout American society. The internet has only fueled the drug’s expansion, as anyone that is willing to search for a few minutes can find a “recipe” online.

Meth takes some skill with chemistry and some specialized equipment to create, but anyone that is willing to put in the time can figure it out. This has had a devastating effect on communities all over the country. Rural towns have seen the rise of would-be drug lords that are creating the drug in jury-rigged set ups in their bathrooms and basements. Communities with these “meth labs” are suffering the consequences of these chemistry experiments run amok.

How Meth Labs Hurt Communities

When the adults in a home decide to start “cooking” meth, they are putting the lives of everyone around them at risk. Any children or elderly parents that have the ill fortune to be related to these adults are suddenly thrust into one of the most toxic environments on Earth. Part of the problem is that the ingredients for meth come from chemicals like battery acid, drain cleaner and antifreeze. These chemicals can all give off toxic chemicals, but they often lie around in meth labs where anyone can inhale them or accidentally tip them over (potentially creating a toxic stew of mixed chemicals.)

Another problem is that these chemicals all have to be combined and heated up in order to synthesize them into the Frankenstein’s monster of a drug called methamphetamine. This heating process has often led to the chemicals ignited at the wrong time. As some of the other ingredients are fuel oil and other combustible materials, this has led to some meth labs exploding into house-destroying fireballs. Many people have lost their lives from the combination of toxic fumes and meth lab fires.

Meth Use Destroys the Body

Even when meth is made correctly, it isn’t done destroying lives. Even in its pure form, it is one of the most poisonous drugs that scientists have ever tested. Anyone that is curious as to the reason doesn’t have to look any further than the ingredients used to create it, after all. When it actually reaches its end users, however, it creates some of the most bizarre effects out of any common street drugs. One of these is “crank bugs.”

“Crank” is one of the common street names for meth, and the bugs being referred to are a hallucination that users often experience. When someone is taking meth, she can actually think that there are bugs crawling under her skin. Users have reported that this was an extremely realistic hallucination. In fact, it seems so real that in many cases users will cut open their own skin to try to remove the bugs that they see. In the end, all they do is end up losing a lot of blood.

As you can tell, meth is one of the scariest drugs available in the world today, and anyone would be well advised to keep himself and his family away from it at all costs.


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