chemicalsAll drugs eventually damage the body. They are foreign substances to the mind and the body’s organs, and the body has no use for them at all. It can not digest drugs and use them for energy. It can’t process them or use them to re-build tissue. In effect, the only thing that drugs can do is damage the body and harm its many processes.

While all drugs create these harmful effects eventually, some drugs are even more harmful than others. If you’re looking for the drug that is the very worst, meth may be at the top of the list. Meth is short for “methamphetamine.” It’s a form of speed and is a cousin of the amphetamine family.

Many of the drugs in this family are created by pharmaceutical companies and are prescribed by doctors. Others are created by high-production illegal laboratories. Meth is different from these drugs in that it is usually produced in very small batches. These batches are made in laboratories with quality control and something of a level of purity.

Meth labs, on the other hand, are small operations that can be set up in a basement or a back room. Anyone with access to the internet or the directions of a meth-producing friend can cobble together the necessary equipment and put together a crude operation. The danger in doing so begins with the ingredients required to make meth.

A Deadly Cocktail

One of the first ingredients for creating meth is codeine or another active drug. Codeine is available in over-the-counter cough medicines in some areas, but other, similar drugs will work, too. In order to actually form codeine into meth, however, the “cook” needs a number of other acids, solvents and industrial chemicals.

Meth cooks find the necessary chemicals in surprising places. A regular meth recipe can include ingredients such as battery acid, drain cleaner and antifreeze. These harsh chemicals can pose danger to the inhabitants of any meth lab-containing home for several reasons.

One is that the component chemicals are dangerous to have around all on their own. If the meth cooks have small children, having these chemicals sitting out in jars and open containers can lead to unfortunate accidents. That’s not the end of the danger, though.

When the meth actually starts cooking, it creates toxic fumes at several stages of production. These fumes are toxic and can cause severe damage to anyone that inhales them. Meth ingredients and production byproducts are also easily flammable. There have been many, many documented cases of meth labs catching fire and burning to the ground.

When authorities discover a meth lab, they often have to have it evacuated and torn to the ground because meth chemicals have so completely contaminated every part of the home. It is impossible for anyone to live there afterward.

Meth’s Damage to the Human Body

In addition to all the damage meth can do before it is ever even used, it is also incredibly destructive when it is used by addicts. Because of its many toxic ingredients, meth has catastrophic effects on the human body. It can eat away at the teeth, gums and tissue of the mouth and throat when it is smoked. Dentists and doctors can usually tell right away when someone smokes meth because of the telltale “meth mouth” that is so easy to observe.

Meth is full of destructive ingredients, and it quickly ruins the life of anyone that uses it. Do not become part of the statistic. Keep meth out of your community by educating others on its deadly effects.