When your loved one is struggling with a methamphetamine addiction problem, you may hardly know where to begin to look for help. Not only can it be difficult to understand why a loved one has turned to drug use in the first place, it can be very difficult to understand how one can help put an end to drug addiction. The purpose of this site is to help individuals better understand the process of methamphetamine use, abuse and addiction and how to effectively get help.

Methamphetamine and Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant drug substance that directly influences and affects the central nervous system. Like every other drug currently in existence, methamphetamine cannot solve any of the problems for which it is taken.

All drugs are chemical substances which produce physiological changes in the human body. An individual who chooses to take drugs is often seeking a way to suppress undesirable sensations and stimulate desirable sensations, thereby producing some degree of relief for some length of time. It is this latter point that drives most individuals to continue their drug use indefinitely – they cannot face or resolve their problems, and are simply seeking a way to continue suppressing them.

Methamphetamine is produced either in high-tech labs or small, home labs using over-the-counter ingredients. It often contains accelerants that most individuals would normally recognize as highly toxic – including battery acid, fertilizer and antifreeze – to act as accelerants. Needless to say, the consumption of these toxic chemicals can produce dramatic and very serious effects in the human body, reducing the individual’s health and even threatening their life. Unfortunately, as an individual continues to use methamphetamine they will often find that they grow to tolerate and depend on it. This means that they have to take increasingly larger and larger doses of this drug in order to achieve the desired effects, and they soon find that they cannot actually function without methamphetamine. This dependence drives the individual to do whatever is necessary to continue obtaining and using methamphetamine, and oftentimes individuals will binge on methamphetamine use for many days at a time, failing to sleep or eat until they finally crash physically, unable to take any more. As their body struggles to recover, the individual can experience extreme discomfort and pain, which forces them to return to methamphetamine use in an endless, destructive cycle. Even if they have some subtle awareness that they have a problem and they need help, they are usually completely unable to do anything about it on their own.

Handling Methamphetamine Addiction Problems

The first step to successfully resolving methamphetamine addiction problems is to truly understand this drug and how it affects individuals. It is very important to recognize one simple fact: an individual who is addicted to methamphetamine is so thoroughly and completely trapped in their addiction that they could actually be dying and yet still refuse to give up their methamphetamine use. Family members and friends will have to be firm and persistent in getting their loved one the help they need in order to successfully and permanently recover through the help of an effective rehabilitation program.

The goal of rehabilitation treatment is to restore the individual to the ability to live a healthy, productive life without drug substances. This is best done by helping the individual address all the various aspects of addiction, including both the physical and mental causes and effects of drug use. Individuals can also be greatly aided in gaining the tools they need to deal with the sometimes difficult aspects of their life that may have contributed to past drug use.

Narconon Arrowhead is a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility that focuses on empowering individuals to take back control of their lives and establish the firm foundation necessary for a better future. The Narconon program has proven highly successful time and again in helping individuals resolve their methamphetamine addiction problems simply by focusing on achieving full recovery, one step at a time, and no matter how long it takes. Narconon students begin their recovery by safely detoxing drug chemicals from their system, thereby greatly reducing or even eliminating the chance of future relapses due to physical cravings, and by improving their diet and exercise regimens, thereby providing their body with the tools it needs to rebuild itself. Students then move forward into learning about drug substances and how they affect the body, which can better help them to understand that drugs are not true solutions, and they actually exacerbate the very problems the individual was seeking to resolve. Finally, students work hard to gain many different skills they will need to succeed in the future, including the knowledge of how to improve conditions in their life, how to recognize dangerous situations and personalities, and how to communicate well with others.

It is true that an individual who has successfully and completely recovered from methamphetamine addiction may yet need some assistance in transitioning back into their normal life environments and routines smoothly and so that they don’t relapse into methamphetamine use when things are tough. To aid with this transition, Narconon has an extensive aftercare program that works to guide and support graduates as much as needed, for as long as needed, until they are truly confident in their ability to maintain their sobriety permanently.

There is no reason anyone should suffer from methamphetamine addiction for any length of time, especially when there are solutions available. If you or someone you know needs help with a methamphetamine abuse or addiction problem, please contact us today.