methMethamphetamine (meth) is one of the worst, and most popular, drugs on the street. The damage is posted all over the Internet. The Before-and-After pictures are wincingly shocking, yet meth is still so prevalent. The drug not only destroys the user’s body, but those surrounding the user are affected as well, in a much different way.

How Meth “Messes You Up”

1) Physically – Those close to a meth user will see their bodies go through rapid changes, such as a dramatic drop in weight resulting in a skeletal appearance. A meth user’s mouth will be the most noticeable change. The saliva glands are attacked by the drug, drying them out and leaving the teeth exposed to the bacteria and acids in the mouth. Properties in meth also cause the teeth to corrode and crumble – not very supportive of a healthy mouth. A users skin will also begin to change. Sores and scabs will develop, both from the effects of the drug as meth users are known to itch and pick at their skin with delusions of things crawling in their bodies.  Ultimately, meth can cause serious organ problems – like liver issues or heart attack. All of these can be fatal.

2) Mentally – Meth users often suffer from paranoia and delusions. They might begin to think that people are out to get them or act overall psychotic. These behaviors can continue even months after the last use. Meth users also suffer from drastic changes in moods. They can range from euphoria to irritability, depression, anxiety, and even confusion. Because meth stimulates the central nervous system, meth users will often be kept wired and awake. Once the drug wears off, though, the user will crash, both physically and emotionally.

3) Sexually – If you think meth won’t mess with your sex life, or that it will make you more desirable, think again. Meth enhances a user’s sex drive, but they often are not in the right frame of mind, so protection is likely out of the picture. A good way to contract STDS or AIDS/HIV.

4) Social Life – Meth users’ entire universe is around the drug, especially when they come down from their high. This causes them to neglect their closest and results in a lonely life.

5) Neighborhood – Often, meth users become experts on creating the drug in their homes. The methods are not difficult, but they are almost always detectable. If neighbors begin to smell a foul odor on their street, or the intense smell of ammonia, there likely a meth lab in the neighborhood. Meth is created with household chemicals, many of which are very toxic to the environment and to people. The waste is often dumped in yards where they are exposed to nature. Meth labs can also explode, creating a dangerous situation for anything around.

Meth Survivor Talks Narconon

Though the effects of the drug are dangerous, there is hope. Narconon has been helping addicts get back to the road of life – their real lives – for over 40 years. The success stories are so inspiring. Melissa, a former meth addict, talks about her experience with meth and how Narconon reversed her path.

“My life was just in total shambles. I was running from everything I’d ever known in the past because I was depressed about everything that I’d lost. My family hadn’t seen me in year, and my children hadn’t seen me in a couple years… because I was this addict that didn’t have time to be a mother.”

“Once I finished the Sauna portion of the program, I noticed my body felt better and I could think more clearly. I could rationalize my thoughts because I didn’t have the drugs in my body anymore, clogging me up. I felt a thousand times better…my life is better than it’s ever been since I’ve been born…I’m happy and I’m doing things that I want to do.”

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