methMethamphetamine is one of the worst and most popular drugs on the street. The damage it causes to the body is extensive and critical, sometimes fatal. It causes critical changes throughout the body, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What You Might Not Know About Meth

1) Women use meth for weight loss – People often fret about their bodily appearance. Some women see meth as the answer to their weight woes. The drug drains the body of its nutrients, causing severe weight loss, resulting in a near skeletal appearance. This is often short term as the body will develop a tolerance to the drug, causing the weight loss to stop after about six weeks. Meanwhile, the body is still experiencing physical change. A meth user’s mouth will be the most noticeable. The saliva glands are attacked by the drug, drying them out and leaving the teeth exposed to the bacteria and acids in the mouth. Properties in meth also cause the teeth to corrode and crumble – not very supportive of a healthy mouth. A user’s skin will also begin to change. Sores and scabs will develop, both from the effects of the drug as meth users are known to itch and pick at their skin with delusions of things crawling in their bodies.  Ultimately, meth can cause serious organ problems – like liver issues or heart attack. All of these can be fatal. Methamphetamine is available as a prescription for obesity. Some are also prescribed this drug to help with depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and narcolepsy. However, crystal meth, a street drug derivative of meth, has a high risk of addiction. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe crystal meth as a medication. Crystal meth

2) Meth causes paranoia and mood swings – Meth users often suffer from delusions. While under the influence, and even afterwards, users might begin thinking that people are out to get them. These behaviors can continue even months after the last use. Meth users also suffer from drastic changes in moods. They can range from euphoria to irritability, depression, anxiety, and even confusion. Because meth stimulates the central nervous system, meth users will often be kept wired and awake. Once the drug wears off, though, the user will crash, both physically and emotionally.

3) Sex might be a trap –Meth enhances a user’s sex drive, but they often are not in the right frame of mind. The user often suffers from lack of judgment, which is a good way to contract STDS or AIDS/HIV. Those who are addicted tend to use sex to get more of the drug, especially women. While the effects of meth might make sex more desirable and increase the pleasure, there may be a terrible price to pay for users who indulge.

4) Meth use decreases social interactions – Meth users’ entire universe is around the drug, especially when they come down from their high. This causes them to neglect their closest and results in a lonely life. They are often cut off from family. Friends who have tried everything eventually give up and leave the addict alone.

5) Meth brings down the neighborhood – Often, meth users become experts on creating the drug. The methods are not difficult, but they are almost always detectable. If neighbors begin to smell a foul odor on their street, or the intense smell of ammonia, there likely a meth lab in the neighborhood. Meth is created with household chemicals, many of which are very toxic to the environment and to people. The waste is often dumped in yards where they are exposed to nature. Meth labs can also explode, creating a dangerous situation for anything around.

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