methMeth is a widely used street narcotic that many people associate with the grittiest and seediest of drug scenes. It is one of the most powerful stimulant-type of drugs on the market, and due to the fact that it’s cheaper than cocaine, seems to be growing in popularity. Aside from this, meth is dangerously addictive, inflicting approximately 24.7 million abusers worldwide. According to the United States government, it was reported in 2008 that 13 million people over the age of 12 had tried this infamous street drug. There are plenty of stories strewn around the media regarding meth, some fact, some fiction, rumors and a lot of unfortunately legitimate occurrences. However there are about five facts worth mentioning that not a lot of people are generally aware of.

1. For starters, the high from meth can lasts up to sixteen hours. It generally rides anywhere between the wide gap of four and sixteen hours. The high is usually a whirlwind of potentially strange and at times violent or psychotic behavior.

2. Many meth users have dried out skin as a common effect from this drug. They usually suffer from picking due to the fact that they’re convinced insects are crawling on or under their skin. This type of specific hallucination is called “crank bug” hallucinations. The addict usually ends up with a scarred and/or infected face from these serious self-inflicted wounds on the face sometimes involving tools such as tweezers.

3. Users of meth sometimes get what is called “Meth Mouth” which is a set of rotten teeth and a collapsed jaw. It’s an unfortunately nasty side effect from abusing the drug. This happens because meth will dry out the gum tissue which leads to grinding the teeth and in turn causes the deterioration of the mouth.

4. One of the stages of meth use happens to be what is known as “tweaking”. Tweaking is when the person abusing meth is at the end of a meth binge. They aren’t able to curb their cravings at the same time as they can’t find relief to the awful low. This is a the period where they lose a lot of sleep and is thrown into a state of complete psychosis. This state usually entails vivid hallucinations. In this state they act deluded and paranoid, sometimes violent and aggressive. This is probably the most potentially dangerous stage of meth use, as the user is in a very fragile condition being mentally unstable and all.

5. Meth withdrawal is a very intense process of severe discomfort, teeth grinding, lack of energy, night sweats, very intense depression, anxiety, cravings and irritability. This is partially why users in traditional treatment have a 93% relapse rate.

There are many more facts where those came from. To conclude, meth is an extremely potent stimulant, probably one of the most rough to kick as far as street drugs are concerned. It not only destroys the users body but also many other aspects of their life.