crystal methMethamphetamine is a drug that goes by many names.  It doesn’t matter if you call it meth, crystal, ice, or glass, there is one fact about the drug remains unchanging.  Meth is highly addictive substance and people who develop dependence on the drug find it very hard to quit.

Since most people don’t have experience dealing with a meth addict, it is only natural that they feel like that they need to sort this problem out alone.  Many families fear that their friends will find out and try to keep their loved one’s addiction a secret.  This can be very difficult and can tear families apart.

The truth about meth addiction is that it is tough to deal with, but thousands of addicts find help and get clean every day.  In short, there is a solution to the problem, and you don’t have to do it alone.

How to Get a Meth Addict the Help They Need 

One of the hardest parts about dealing with an addict is that they aren’t likely able to see what their substance abuse is doing to them.  The destruction may be clear from the outside looking in, but for the addict there is a level of denial that is hard to understand.  In order to get the addict to realize that they need help, you need to focus on the following three things:

1. Education – Meth is a stimulant that has a very high incidence of dependence.  Basically, people start using the drug for many reasons including an increased alertness, increased energy, decreased need for sleep, and the feeling of euphoria that users experience from taking the drug.  With regular use it takes more of the drug to achieve the same effects, and changes in the user’s brain make it very hard for them to experience pleasure when they are not using.  All of this leads to the user becoming dependent, and once they do they will feel adverse effects if the try to stop using it.  This can cause the addict to isolate from others in an effort to avoid the shame and guilt associated with their lack of control.  Educating yourself on what the addict is experiencing can go a long way to help start the conversation about their use.

2. Understanding – Once you have educated yourself about crystal meth it is time to start communicating with the addict about how their drug use is affecting their life and those around them.  This can be frustrating as most addicts won’t want to talk about or acknowledge their problem.  Taking the approach of being understanding will probably be most effective.  Let the addict know that you want to see them get help while avoiding the negative, instead focus on all the positive things that you think will happen for them if they decide to get help.  This may be a long process, but if the addict knows that you understand and are willing to help them they will hopefully come around.

3. Support – Many people who are addicted to meth need help to get off the drug.  Tell your loved one that it is OK to go to treatment, and that you will support them throughout the process.

A Family’s Story About Dealing With a Meth Addiction

Linda and Lyman are parents who watched their son lose his battle with meth addiction for 10 years.  They tried to hide his addiction and ultimately found themselves at the end of their rope.  No matter what they seemed to do his addiction always came first, and he found himself living on the streets selling meth to keep up his habit.

The parents explain in a recent interview how they never lost hope, and how their persistence in finding a good treatment program finally paid off.  They sent their son to Narconon Arrowhead and they say that this decision saved his life.