drug saleThe dangerous club drug Methamphetamine–also known as Crystal Meth–could land the user in prison for possession of even a single gram. Addicts are finding clever ways to cover their tracks, forcing authorities to think keenly in their war against drugs.

Ten Places Users May Hide Meth

If you suspect a loved one might be using meth, you may have to resort to some serious reconnaissance to uncover the facts. Meth users will hide the drug in all manner of strange and unexpected places.

  • Cereal Boxes
  • Tape player or CD player in the car
  • Under a rock in a fish tank
  • Inside a pen cap
  • Taped behind pictures frames and mirrors
  • Cigarette packs
  • Breath mint tins
  • In the spines of books
  • Under light bulbs in light fixtures–you might think the light is just burnt out
  • Inside an empty flashlight

Most addicts want to keep the drug close by, so you won’t have to look far. It will likely be in his car, at home, or on his person. And, as is the case with most addicts, he will lie through his teeth about hiding it.

What is Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive street drug that is used by individuals of all ages. It is, however, common at night clubs and rave parties, making it a staple of many young adults.

Meth is a potent chemical and a poison. A powerful stimulant, the drug acts quickly to produce a rush of euphoria in the user. Not long after, however, it begins to wreak havoc on the body, causing massive destruction and serious health conditions like memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior and heart and brain damage.

Crystal meth rapidly uses up the body’s resources, leading to immediate dependence that results in heavy withdrawal if the drug is not taken regularly. This is what drives addicts to do unthinkable things in order to get more of the drug.

It is known as one of the hardest drug addictions to treat.

Signs of Use

If you were to examine photographs of people before and after taking meth, you would be shocked at the change.

In a matter of months, someone can go from a normal, healthy individual to a pock-marked, haggard drug addict. Because of the devastating effects of the drug on the body, the physical signs become apparent early.

Meth mouth is a common result of meth. This is a condition involving rampant tooth decay, dry mouth, cracked teeth and gum disease. It can rapidly rob the user not only of his smile but also of his ability to chew.

Skin sores are another indication of meth use. A common hallucination among users is one known as crank bugs. Someone on meth will typically believe they see some form of insect crawling around under their skin. As a result, they will become obsessed with picking at their skin. This is the cause of the lesions that are characteristic of a meth user.

Other signs of meth use include sleep problems, loss of appetite, severe weight loss, and a nervous agitation that makes the user unable to sit still. He may experience mood disturbances and behavior changes like aggression, paranoia and confusion.

The level of addiction caused by meth is such that your loved one will turn into someone you hardly recognize. He will lie, cheat and steal to get his next dose of drugs–even from you. Do not be fooled by convincing dissertations about being clean and no longer using. Look for yourself: the facts are there.