Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that influences and affects the central nervous system in the body.meth addiction banner Methamphetamine can be made in high tech labs or can be produced in homes using over the counter ingredients.

This combined with its very addictive nature is what has created widespread abuse across the United States.  The other aspect of this drug that makes it so widespread is that it can be found as a prescription drug given to people diagnosed with ADHD, under the brand name Desoxyn, or as a street drug such as crystal meth.


Effects of usage

Methamphetamine comes in many different forms and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be smoked, injected, snorted or orally ingested.

Methamphetamine is generally used in a binge and crash sort of mechanism. This is because the euphoric feelings that a methamphetamine produces will disappear even before the drug content in the blood lowers significantly, therefore users will try to maintain a high by taking more of the drug. Many times a user will go for days binging with the drug, not sleeping or eating, just to maintain a high.

Smoking crystal meth has become more and more prevalent in the recent years, due to the fact that the drug has a very fast uptake when it is taken in this wise.

However these drugs are taken, they generally have similar effects on the user. Immediately after injecting or smoking crystal meth, the user will experience an intense rush that lasts for only a few minutes. This rush is generally described as being very pleasurable and euphoric. After this initial rush, the person will experience a high that can last up to 16 hours, at which point the person will use again in order to achieve a similar high.

The physical effects that crystal meth can have on the body are striking, with many users permanently damaged after using for a significant period of time. The reasons for this lie in the destructive chemicals that this drug is made Kick Methout of. Crystal meth for instance, is a combination of various amphetamines and chemicals such as battery acid, antifreeze, lantern fluid and drain cleaner.

This drug when taken over time creates various physical defects in the body including constriction of blood vessels, tissue damage that can be seen externally, sores take longer to heal, skin appears lackluster, tooth decay, skin picking brought on by hallucinations of having bugs crawling under the skin, etc.

All of these side effects create very obvious signs of someone abusing crystal meth and add years onto someone’s appearance.


Treating methamphetamine addiction

The nature of the drug makes it one of the most addictive drugs that exist. Many users will experience intense highs that require the use of more drugs in order to get back to that high. As with most drugs, after awhile the person develops a tolerance for the drugs and needs them just to be happy in life. It is at this point that the cycle of addiction has kicked in and the person is using more drugs in order to satisfy their cravings.

Unfortunately the problems don’t end there, with the drugs being continually used to solve the problems of not being happy, the person becomes more and more dependent to the point where this becomes their only focus in life.

The only way out of this dwindling spiral of existence is through an effective drug rehabilitation program. However, most users of a drug like meth will not be able to see this for themselves and will need the help of those around them to get into a proper rehab.

The right rehab for someone in this condition is a long-term, residential program that will address all aspects of addiction, both physical and mental aspects. This way when they go back to their previous life, the physical and mental triggers that are present don’t affect them and they are able to get on with a productive and happy life without the use of meth.

The Narconon program covers each aspect of addiction and works to get to the root of the problem that started the person on the path to drug abuse in the first place.

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Meth Addiction — 6 Comments

  1. Hello,
    My brother is using meth again and will not listen to the pleas of family members that he needs help. Is there a program or people who take over and approach the addict? (this would be too good to be true) What is the best way to get him help? Does he have to be arrested first? The police have been called about his late night load music and behavior but he is not breaking any laws so they can do nothing. Where do we go for help?
    Thank you for your time.

  2. I need help, I have been a user for Manny years and I am quitting but need some kind of help with triggers . I have no family and friends only a few meth will stop by my house . my teeth are in need of repair because the drug is eating them away like it will my brain if I can’t get some help now .I go not have insurance but just applied for medical insurance at worforce services. Not even working .I would like free drug testing and impatient help or anything at this point to aid in my recovery.

    • Most people would say addicts deserve what they get no one forced them to take it well we’ve all heard it before if there was a lot more help for people like your self billy things would be much better for all around much more needs to be done to educate people start education about drugs at a very young age lock up the manufacturer and dealers for life (no exceptions) but not poor people forced at drug houses to do it help those who need it America and you will get a much betrer person back who can go on to help others good luck billy I really hope you get the help you so badly want my friend

  3. Here in the uk drug addiction is helped free by the nhs (the national health service) but in the usa people have to pay a fortune for any medical treatment why the hell dont the us government use some or all the money seized from drug lords and organisations of crime to help these poor bastards get there life back on track then instead of costing the country thousands of dollars in court/police cost prosecution these people they will be able to work and contribute to the country good luck to all trying to get help with this horrific drug and the dealers should be locked up for 50years

  4. Im not going to wine. What ive done, i done to myself. Been using meth for 30 years. However its not meth anymore. Its ice! Its killing us, but slowly. No overdoses on this hellbound train. No hope in texas and no rest for the wicked. The only thing that can seperate you from life is sin, and its your favorite sin that will do you in…..

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